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  • Signal for BTC

    You can see the trade story here https://twitter.com/RsiTfs/status/1656720522330112005 BTC is in support and I also received an RSI TFS signal for buy. If it moves up it will also make a bull divergence on 2h and 4h (but this takes some time until confirmation). I wanted to exit around 27.000 but for one reason or…

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  • RSI TFS signal for BTC

    Late post, but good signal – you can see here the tweet https://twitter.com/RsiTfs/status/1655655666218934274 The RSI TFS indicator signals a buy entry on BTC. The entry is good, the problem is: no base is formed (Ok, there is something on 5 min) so if you trade it use SL and X1 – scalping trade in my…

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