🌟 The Power of Disciplined Investing 🌟

As a seasoned investor with a strong belief in discipline over luck, I have honed my skills in the realm of short to medium-term investments. With each trade, I strive to secure profits, leaving a trail of successful endeavors in my wake. While I focus primarily on stocks that possess long-term potential, I am not limited to this domain alone. My strategy encompasses a diverse portfolio consisting of stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, as well as available funds that I strategically allocate to my accounts.

Equipped with both a high school diploma and an academic degree in economics, my understanding of the intricate workings of the financial world serves as a solid foundation for my investment pursuits. My journey into the world of investments began in 1997, initially involving currencies and mutual funds. Over time, I expanded my horizons, venturing into the realms of stocks across three markets: the United States, Hong Kong, and the European Union. Additionally, I actively engage in trading cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, and commodities since 2015.

My approach to trading typically involves holding positions at a ratio of X1, ensuring a calculated and controlled approach. Although I primarily focus on long positions, I occasionally engage in short selling when the situation warrants it. My decision-making process is rooted in a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, supplemented by my intuition developed through years of experience in the field.

🌟 Discipline is the cornerstone of my success, enabling me to navigate the ever-changing landscape of investments with confidence and prudence. By adhering to a well-defined strategy and leveraging my knowledge and expertise, I have forged a path of triumph in the unpredictable world of finance. With each venture, I am reminded that discipline triumphs over luck, laying the groundwork for a prosperous and enduring investment journey. 🌟

This is how I discovered the RSI TFS formula.

Adrian Tufa-Dragos